MDIS Dushanbe: Roadshow Series


Organizing a series of roadshow events to present the Management Development Institute of Singapore in Dushanbe (MDIS Dushanbe).


We have successfully conducted a series of events in major shopping centers in the city, with attendance ranging from 5,000 to 10,000 people. Our team developed a concept and meticulously planned the event, paying special attention to details. We carefully prepared the venues with effective advertising materials and provided them with high-quality sound equipment. Additionally, we trained and prepared promoters and organized professional videography to capture every moment.

To create a vibrant atmosphere, we incorporated entertainment into the program by inviting DJs and various cover bands. Prominent influencers in the country actively covered our events on their social media pages.

We take pride in the successful implementation of this project and are confident that the roadshow series has helped raise awareness about the Management Development Institute of Singapore in Dushanbe (MDIS Dushanbe) and attract new prospective students.